Monday, October 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 26: Management Tactics

Today's will be a short entry, because it is about one of the most private people I know. I debated not mentioning her at all this month; but it would be a terrible omission not to include someone who has been a friend to me for almost 15 years and who has impacted my life so profoundly and directly in the past three.

This woman possesses an enormous, tender heart squeezed into her compact fencer's body. She will go far above and beyond what anyone could expect in caring for those whom she loves and has a responsibility to.

She is well read and well travelled and can spin an entertaining yarn. But she also has the gift of being a thoughtful listener, with an ability to size up a situation objectively and then speak words of advice and comfort into it with a great deal of empathy.

She has my back. And she has my gratitude and affection and friendship.

Here's to you, my personal Divine Miss M!

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  1. I would suggest, with my usual arrogance, that there is a problem with the wording of paragraph four of your October 25 post.You say that your father got to spend some hours with Andy. A more accurate rendering would say that Andy got to spend a few hours with your father. I have been privileged to know your father for some 10 or 12 years, and in all that time I have never come away from a conversation with him without feeling that I am better for the experience. I would say, without prejudice to yourself and the other wonderful people I have known, that your father is the most remarkable person I have ever met. To me he is the standard for generosity, kindness and humility that all of us should strive to emulate -- the world will be better place if we do.


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