Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 7: K & B

I met Bernadette on a hot July Sunday afternoon last year, when she stopped into the TH to see what it was all about. A couple of weeks later, she brought Ken. We were serving chicken crepes. K&B were hooked.

And so was I! K&B are a couple who really care about people and they look for ways to help out wherever they can -- for both friends and complete strangers. The bright new tablecloths at the teahouse? K&B. The pedicure for my tired feet? K&B.

They bring an energy and a sense of anticipation with them when they enter a room.

This evening, they bailed me out again. I was operating on about four hours' sleep for the week; and in my panic to get back from Calgary to the TH and unlock for the Wednesday evening meeting, I locked my keys in the car.

At the end of the evening just after the guests left, almost as if they sensed I needed a friend, Bernadette telephoned me. In a very few minutes the two of them were over and Ken took care of it for me while Bernadette and I sat inside and sipped lattes and chatted.

I think I needed the chat and K&B's hugs as much as I needed the car to be unlocked tonight! These two put me in mind of the verse, "A friend loveth at all times."

K&B were brought into my life when I really needed friends just like them. And I am so thankful for and blessed by both of them.

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