Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 3: A Sister's Love

This having to choose one thing a day for which to be grateful is hard work: how does one narrow it down to just one thing?!

Yet my gratitude for this person runs very deep. BA is there for me like no one else has been in my life. For example, yesterday I was hosting a small luncheon for teachers at the TH and at the last minute needed some help in serving them. I called BA at work, who arranged her lunch hour so that she could be at the TH; and we managed to plate and serve three courses, plus beverages, in about 45 minutes!

If I require any material thing, whether it be ice or an icepack, BA will always pick it up for me. She keeps on top of my banking. She drops in to the TH on her way to or from somewhere else to help with a load of dishes or clear some tables or run coffee out for a guest.

And when the TH is not open, she will spend an evening with me on the verandah or in the purple chairs by the fireplace or going to the city.

It doesn't even occur to her how special she is. But it occurs to me almost every time I see her. She is truly a selfless individual and I can learn so much from her lack of guile; from her fierce protectiveness of her family; from her conscientious attitude at work; and from her boundless generosity of time, talent and treasure.

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  1. Of course, it's only appropriate that this comment was posted at 11:11... on the button for such a beautiful one! :)


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