Friday, October 9, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 9: Aunt-tea

As I write today's entry I am munching on a delicious chocolate chip cookie at the home of Elliot and Oliver, two of my nephews. In the middle of my hectic day, I found myself driving to their area of town. Their mother assured me that they would be delighted to see me and it turned out that -- as with most things -- she was right.

Elliot put the kettle on to boil and got out mugs and cream.

Oliver found some wonderful brownies and cookies and arranged them artfully on a beautiful stoneware plate.

Soon the tea was made and treats presented and we sat down for a lovely time together, chatting about each of our days, discussing school and the incredibly long weekend they were enjoying. We talked about music and musicians. We reminisced about people we love. We sat in long moments of companionable silence.

And in the presence of these two loving children, my myopic view of this week began to come into focus and my disjointed days started to find their rhythm.

So today, and every day, I am thankful for "my" two boys. No one brings me comfort like they do. They are the point of my heart and the apple of my eye.

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