Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 14: Wednesday nights at the TH

This is the evening I look forward to throughout the week. Each Wednesday evening, starting in September and going until June, Mum and Dad's long-time Bible Study group meets ... and for the past two years, the TH has had the privilege of hosting!

The chairs are set out a certain way: two upright chairs, one near a light and the other near the purple chair for Mrs. Tuck; the parlor settee next to the purple chair that Dad sits in; three upholstered dining chairs next; the red couch followed by another chair; then Mr. Erickson's chair, the piano bench, and the other big red armchair, and two more upright chairs.

Every chair has a place and every one of us has a place here too. We are all a valuable part of this little group, which has seen dear faces go -- Mum, Dick and Thelma, Norma, Willie, Tina, Mae, Marion -- and other dear faces come to take their place.

And so to the group that meets together now -- George and Leona, Mrs. Tuck and Marjorie, Ralph, Ted, Brenda, Bob and Diana, Betty, Joyce, Linda, Ed and Ruth Anne and baby Anna Grace, and of course Dad our wonderful teacher -- thank you for the gift of your presence and your wisdom and your willingness to share. My life has been immeasurably enriched by each one of you .

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