Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 23: Not just another Friday night

I was looking forward to my regular Friday evening Costco-Superstore run this week with about as much anticipation as I look forward to seeing my dentist ... wait a minute; I like seeing my dentist! Okay, as much as I enjoy doing expenses, which is zero enjoyment.

As I was about to leave Three Hills, feeling a little sorry for myself, I had the happy thought of asking Angela, my sister-in-law, to join me. She agreed and immediately stopped what she was doing, got ready and in half an hour we were on the road.

I must say, rarely have I enjoyed my Tea House Friday night more! We careened around Costco in record time; then we made our way to one of my favourite restaurants, Babylon Quattar, where we were joined by Angie's son Craig. Samosas, hummus and pita, lamb, chicken, tabouli salad, spicy eggplant -- all were chosen and cooked for us by our charming host who likes nothing better than to be given free reign as to what he can serve. (SPOILER ALERT: This is the restaurant we will be having dinner for our Nilgiris family's Christmas event ...)

Then we drove over to Superstore and made our way through that maze with all due despatch. One last stop at Starbucks for one for the road, and we were on our way back to Trois Lumps.

The thing I dread the most about the weekly TH chores is this shopping, loading into car, driving home, and unloading. And so I am so very grateful to my dear Angie for giving up her Friday evening plans in order to come and keep me company and help me with it all.

The evening was a gift for me in another way, too: Angie and I lead very different lives and our paths cross much more infrequently than I would like. So to have the privilege of her company and a chance to chat, to exchange ideas and stories and to laugh and be quiet together was a rare treat. Even though we got home just around midnight, it seemed to me that the evening was over too soon.

Why did I never think of doing this before? The gift of someone's time is the one I always appreciate the most. Thanks, Angela, for giving me so generously of yours on what turned out to be a memorable Friday evening.

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