Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Asad!

Eleven years old today - wow! 

It is a great joy to hear your voice every Saturday morning at about 8:54 - you are ALWAYS early! - quietly call out, "Good morning!"

And then you methodically go about your business, chatting when we come face to face but otherwise focused on the job at hand.

We are so blessed to have you as part of the TH family. 

A proud Mom taking pictures of her boy ...

Two beautiful human beings.
(Picture taken by Asad's Mom)


  1. Karyn...for Asad each Saturday morning is a class of learning life skills from's not him who's helping you but it's YOU who's teaching him absorb sooo much...the hard work you do, your cheerful personality, your immense knowledge, polite manners....these all will stay with him permanently and would always leave a positive influence in his THANK YOU for making a difference in the life of yet one more person around are amazing!

    1. Thank you, dear Zeba! I am overwhelmed by your kind words! And what it boils down to is this: you are raising a wonderful human being. I am just privileged to play a tiny part in his life! (And I STILL haven't gotten to hear him playing the piano, which is where this all started!!) <3


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