Monday, November 26, 2012

Not Just Another Sunday Evening in the TH ...

She came back to visit last evening. But somehow she seemed weighted down, particularly on her left side. She was accompanied by five people, one of whom could barely keep the smile off his face.

"I'm SO happy!" she exclaimed several times.

Our Tiffany is engaged! Congratulations, Jeff, on finally getting the girl ("I've loved him since I was in grade 4," she had told us when still working at the TH).

And what a girl you've got! A hard worker, loyal, grounded, with a good attitude and a quiet sense of leadership. Plus she's beautiful and smart and fun ...

She knows she's blessed in you too: your steadiness and charm and sense of humour, and your loyalty and integrity make you stand out among the crowd. And may I add that this is about the most exquisite ring I have ever seen? You have exceptional taste, in women and jewelry!

Both sets of parents could barely contain their delight:

Anyone who knows this couple knows from this strange role reversal - Shirley's the one on the phone?! - that it must be big news! Tim looks pretty pleased about the whole thing, doesn't he?

Ruth and Paul, Tiff has told me several times how grateful she is for the wonderful upbringing she received from you - always seeking her best, consistently displaying your love through the way you guided her to make good decisions for her life. What a wonderful decision this one is!

When Tiff worked at the TH, Jeff would show up promptly at 9:59 each Sunday night and in ringing tones (very out of character for Jeff!) would ask, "Karyn, would you like me to bring in the sign?"

He did it one more time last night, for old times' sake:

What a magical way to end the weekend at the TH!


  1. I love it! Thank you oh so very much Karyn! The TH will always be my home. :)

  2. Congratulations to the happy couple! If they're at home in that lovely place, they're off to a good beginning! Another win for the TH!!

  3. Congratulations, Tiffany. I will always remember the first time I met you. A cheerful, cute and friendly little girl....that was long time ago. What a beautiful post for a beautiful girl. Wishing you and Jeff a beautiful life together.

  4. Oh I miss those days! I'm so happy for you both! And that ring is gorgeous! All those boys out there need to take notes from jeffy! So glad I got to spend so much time with tiff in the comforts of the TH kitchen and forcing jeff to do dishes for us:)


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