Sunday, November 20, 2011

Year of the Nephew: Luke ...

I remember visiting you shortly after you were born: with your dark eyes and perfectly shaped head, you were one the most beautiful babies I had ever seen. 

Your good nature and sweet spirit, combined with your fearlessness, gave all of us no choice but to love you and cherish you and cheer you on. Oh ya, and pray for you. A lot.

You have never been afraid of a challenge, never afraid of hard work. You're a natural leader and the joy you convey is contagious, spreading to those who have the privilege of coming into contact with you.

One of my all-time favourite pictures, and the one on my desktop, is this one:

I love how you are standing guard over Matt and how Craig leans into you with complete confidence that his big brother will be there for him.

I've watched you grow and mature over the years until now I witness how you are there for so many people who might need a boost or an encouraging word. I love how you pop over to see your Grandpa when you're in town, and it means so much to him too. Whenever you have time to stop at the TH for a few  minutes, like last Sunday, it just makes my day. I admire how you are learning to cut to the chase of what's truly important and to focus on that.

You are a person with an enormous heart and a great capacity for love. I wish you much love in return. I am so proud of you, my first-born nephew. 

Happy birthday.


  1. Always impressed with Luke’s cheerfulness and willingness to help in all situations…Happy Birthday!

  2. Luke, you have a unique way of getting into our hearts and staying there. You're an outstanding person, yet so deeply humble you don't even know how true that is ... so you'll laugh if you read this! We love you and celebrate your life. Happy birthday!


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