Saturday, November 26, 2011

Asher and Esmerelda

Meet the two new people in the TH. They're only seasonal help, though, so get to know them while you can!

That's Esmerelda on the left, and Asher on the right. Ez was named by Oliver and Ash is named after my new buddy Asher, a super cool guy who comes to the TH now and then.

Some of Ash and Ez's new friends:

The things you'll do to coax
your kids to make friends ...

Christmas question for December: Any kids under the age of the real Asher (12!) who come into the TH and can tell me the names of both the snowpeople get a free hot chocolate or hot apple cider (the first time you tell me!!) ...


  1. You are your mother's daughter! Love to you today and always! I'm quite sure Esmerelda and Asher waltz around the Tea House when it's all dark and only the Christmas lights glow! Nice they can practice during the day with the kids!


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