Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Would You Buy This Cake?

I was asked by Marlene, manager of the local Credit Union, to make a cake for the annual "Santa Cause," a fundraiser hosted by our Chamber of Commerce and with all proceeds going to three local charities.

So I went with the carrot cake. I must say, it came out beautifully. AND I threw in a jar of tea. 

But that wasn't enough. Marlene said we had to write something to describe the cake, something that will garner interest in it and raise the bids. The MC will read aloud what we write, apparently, and get things going.

This is what I wrote, and some poor man will have to read it to the audience! I hope it works ...


Close your eyes for a moment …… Go on, do it. Now ……… What do you think of when you think of love? ……..  No, not THAT love, UNCONDITIONAL love. Love with no strings attached …

You can open your eyes now.

That’s the chief ingredient in this carrot cake. Love. From the second the first egg is cracked open and slips into the bowl to the moment the cake is taken out of the oven, precisely one hour and 17 minutes after it’s been gently placed onto the centre rack, every gesture in the measuring, mixing, stirring and baking includes affection and happy thoughts.

Thoughts of the person who will purchase this cake and will share it with their friends and family – they’ll be passing on that love. And people will want seconds.

There is no fruitiness or nuttiness in this cake – there’s been enough of that already … remember how you closed your eyes?!

It’s just lots of carrots kissed with the purest vanilla, baked especially for you.

But the luscious cream cheese icing that flirts with your taste buds and teases you with a hint of something spicy to come … it’s enough to make Santa give his list another look! 

Enjoy your cake with a pot of the Tea Bag’s favourite tea, Cream Earl Grey.


  1. We'll start the bidding at .... ??? well, it's priceless! (and the description tantalizing!!)

  2. cake sounds wonderful just not so sure about the Earl Grey... in any form...

  3. I was there and Tim S read it all. I think one guy actually did close his eyes--not me as I was walking around right then. I am sure it was very good. The whole evening is always a great one!
    Hunt Hut

  4. I would definitely buy this cake!

  5. I'd bid on it. And would bid high. Missing that carrot cake. Along with that warm rice pudding.

  6. Got the word - the cake went for $150, so the Chamber was very pleased with that. Hizzoner Himself read the spiel, and by all accounts acquitted himself very well.

    Krista, I'm about to start a pot of rice pudding for this evening's festivities. If you hop on a plane, you should just about make it by the time it's perfect. I'll save a purple chair for you.

  7. I would buy, eat and enjoy that cake thoroughly!


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