Friday, October 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Month, Day 7: "I Wrote a Song and Elvis Stole It"

Breakfast with my guys on the Thanksgiving weekend morning. I always learn a ton from these two. For example, did you know that back in Vivaldi's day when he played in churches people were not allowed to applaud because it was Church - so they showed their appreciation by coughing, sneezing and blowing their noses?!

And that Billy Joel tried to commit suicide by drinking shoe polish long before he became the Piano Man?

And that the three most significant apples are the apple in the garden of Eden, Newton's apple, and Steve Jobs' Apple?

Hey - what would happen if we wrote a song about Elvis stealing our song and then Elvis stole it but didn't change the lyrics?!

Any time I get to spend with these two I feel supremely blessed. And this particular age - Elliot is 14 and Oliver is 12 - is particularly intriguing to someone who has no knowledge of adolescent young men. They can converse with the dexterity of adults; but I have to sit between them as we compose this blog entry because Oliver has been jabbing at Elliot's arm and Elliot is now holding Oliver's head and forcing him to nod that yes, Elliot is indeed the best elder brother anyone could have ...

Grade seven was a tough year for Elliot; grade eight was just nothing; but now grade nine is proving to be filled with new friends, new challenges and a new self-confidence. This summer he was a junior counsellor at camp and he has co-taught a Sunday school class with his mother. He is passionate about his music and he cares deeply for the things of God. This summer in particular he was there for a couple of his friends in a very meaningful way that I believe will impact them for years to come.

Oliver has had an easier time of settling into junior high, possibly because he had Elliot to pave the way for him but also because he is an affable, gregarious chap with a happy knack of making friends. He too is progressing by leaps and bounds with his music; in addition, he loves to read and act and work through mind puzzles that would stump people far older than he. He loves God and he has a style and flair all his own. He was the youngest guest chef the TH has ever had. 

The two of them individually are a delight. Either of them are by turns funny, clever, thoughtful, sarcastic, poetic, culturally aware, sensitive to nuance; put them together and they bounce these traits off each other in a way that becomes theatre. They are true brothers in every sense of the word. They give each other space but enjoy each other's company. They always have each other's back.

Things we're grateful for this weekend:

  • The food
  • Music
  • Friends and family
  • That they're going to Israel (not sure how grateful I am for this one ...)
  • The love of God
  • Reading
  • Pretty darn good parents
As we made our way home after breakfast Elliot summed it up quite nicely: "We might punch each other and argue and things, but more than anything we love each other."

And I love you, Apple of my Eye and Point of my Heart. You have no idea how much.

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  1. I'm grateful for Aunts who take boys out and listen and hear and understand ... and make poetry out of adolescence! THANKSgiving!


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