Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thanksgiving Month, Day 3: Letter to Maya

Dear Maya,
Today is your tenth birthday - Double Digits! Happy birthday to one of the sweetest, most wonderful girls I have ever met.

You have been a joy to me ever since your Mom first brought you into the tea house when you were only three or so. I have watched you growing up and becoming such an amazing person with a mind of your own and a funny sense of humour and an independent streak that doesn't cancel out the closeness you share with your Mom and Dad and your two little sisters.

It is no wonder that when you came looking for a job, I was very happy to take you on. I have never been disappointed that I hired you when you were eight (or was it seven?! I can't even remember!!). These are the things you do every single Saturday morning that you are in town:

  • Fill the sugar bowls and the Splenda wheelbarrows and put them and the S&P shakers on the tables
  • Check the sugar spoons to make sure they don't have sugar stuck to them
  • Check all the tablecloths to make sure they're clean and the right size
  • Tidy the bookcase, especially the kids' area
  • Turn on all the lamps
  • Check the washrooms to make sure there is enough TP and paper towels
  • Fill the jelly bean cupcake
  • Dust the tea trolley
  • Put the kids' outside chairs on the verandah

And one of the things that are so amazing about you is that I have to ask you and show you only once and from then on you'll remember and do your job without having to be reminded. Something else is that you are developing a very good work ethic. Remember how you told me last weekend that you might not do everything perfectly because you were so tired because you had been at a farewell party till 3 o'clock in the morning - the latest you had ever stayed up? The point is, Maya, that you still showed up for work because it was your job and that's what you do. You are not a shirker; rather, you are completely reliable. You even schedule play dates and Saturday plans to start after your job is over on Saturday morning. You have a keen sense of responsibility which will stand you in good stead when you grow older and go to university or college, or when you get a full-time job.

Another thing that I love to see in you is your kindness to your little sisters. Even though you're older than them and you work there, you always make sure that they are happy and included when they come to visit at the TH with you.

Something else is that your manners are improving from week to week! Remember when you practised saying "You're welcome" until you got it right?! Now you never fail to respond that way when someone says "Thank you." And you have learnt to serve your Dad coffee properly and you know how to talk very politely to guests when they show up early and you are working. I personally really enjoy our chats during the time you're filling up the sugar jar and when you tell me what was the best thing that happened to you during the week.

I was so impressed that you went to Japan to visit your grandparents without your own parents or sisters. Thank you for the post card, and THANK YOU for the baby elephant snow globe! That was extremely thoughtful of you. But then again, you are an extremely thoughtful person.

One of the great days for me at the TH was when you came to work on your bike and you said, "Miss Karyn, can you come outside please? I have something I want to show you ..." and this is what it was:
That has GOT to be one of the coolest bike bells in the world! You told me it reminded you of the tea house and I was so honoured that you thought of Nilgiris when you were looking for a bell.

I hope that this year is the best one yet for you and that you continue to grow to be a loving daughter, a kind sister, a conscientious employee and the all-round best human being that you can be! You are a young lady loved by many people but especially by God. You are one of His choice kids!

I'm going to miss you a ton when your family moves away. I am so proud of you and I love you and I will be praying for you. Please come back and visit us and if you ever need a job reference, I'll give you a good one ... but of course, my first choice would be that you came and worked at the little TH! :-)

With much love for a very happy birthday,
Miss Karyn xoxo


  1. oh Karyn! Thank you so much. This is so beautiful and made me tear up. I let Maya read it first thing before school. She said, "Miss Karyn said so many nice things about me". with a big grin. We are so thankful for what you invest in ...Maya's life. You have made a huge impact and I know we will treasure your friendship even when we are far away. Am I correct in thinking that you come to Victoria sometimes? If so, you MUST let us know and we will meet you there for lunch!! xoxoxo

  2. oh my mercy! What a special gift!! We all need to speak truth to the young ones that God weaves into our lives. That was amazing!! Thanks Karen...

  3. Love.
    Karyn you have a gift-words of affirmation! Speaking
    so fluently to many hearts. What a blessing
    & a treasure for Maya to have: your life giving words, love & this beautiful friendship.


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