Friday, October 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Month, Day 25: Ode to Zoe

(Sorry about the delay on these posts - I don't know where the time went!)

Dear friend, each time I park my car outside
Your home, you quickly run to greet me first
And when the door is finally opened wide
You show such joy, for which I sometimes thirst

You're smarter than most everyone I know
And patient with me even though I sleep
when you would rather talk. Your inner glow
Belies the thought that only still runs deep

You love so deeply and you care so much
Your beautiful brown eyes reflect the pain
you sense in others, and your gentle touch
Brings comfort and helps face the world again

You're more than just another pretty face 
You're girl's best friend, a niece so sweet and true
So what if burglars break into the place
They'll never find someone as kind as you!

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