Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Second Time Around

He was nervous that his ring wasn't going to fit and that he would drop hers.

She was giddy and radiant.

Just two people in love a few minutes before their wedding ....

Except in this love story, the groom is 81 and the bride a few years younger.

Here's the story of their wedding day, for the most part in pictures:

The invitation. It was to be a small, intimate
occasion with just family members invited

Transforming the TH into a wedding chapel - Bronwyn and Elliot were in charge of that:

Just before the ceremony:
The bride's room - Elaine's and
Arlene's flowers, hairspray,
and the bird cage

All ready ...

Charlie making sure Ralph puts on
hand lotion so that the ring
will go on easily!

Elliot waiting to greet the guests
just outside the door

Anika and Ivy

Anika scattering rose petals ...

... followed by Ivy, who picks them all up
tidily and then returns to her seat!

Waiting ...

Here comes the bride!
Asking God's blessing on the ceremony

First hymn: "The King of Love"

"I will ..."

Husband and wife

 Hors d'oeuvres served next door while we set up for the reception

The Reception

The cake topper was fresh flowers created by
Chris, the florist, on merely a verbal description
of the cake. It couldn't have been more perfect!

Stephen welcoming Ralph
Rick welcoming Elaine

Saying thank you to everyone

My beautiful crew: Brenda, Bronwyn, Tiffany, Elliot, Karyn, Deborah 
Not present: Don Long, who carved the roast beef.


  1. what a beautiful day!! you are amazing. your staff and family are amazing.

    congratulations to the lovely bride and groom!!

    (and congratulations to you too...<3)

  2. looks spectacular! you are brilliant... as is your crew.


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