Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wednesday Night at the TH - the Christmas 2010 Edition

When I think of my week's regular bright spots, this gathering is high on my list. Mum and Dad started the study in 1999, and Mum and Dad would always arrange a Christmas dinner for the group.

This year Dad, BA and Debs provided the groceries for the meal, and Brenda, Rose, Dianna, Ben, Dad, BA and Leona helped with the preparation because I'm still not feeling 100%, and because they too love this group.

This year Thelma, Mum, Marion, Dick and Tina were joined by Bill. I hope that somehow they knew about our dinner. I hope they had a little reunion of their own ...

Our circle has been broken, but others have come to reinforce it; and one day we will all be reunited in a place more lovely than the TH!

Thank you, my dear friends, for this wonderful year of fellowship:

Dad, George, Leona, Ralph, Betty, Joyce, Charlotte, Marjorie, Ted, Brenda, Charles, Rose, Bob, Dianna, Ben, Renata, Lynda, BA, Ed, Ruth Anne, and our beautiful Anna Grace.

I can't wait to see you all again next year!

Kitchen help ...

 Thanks, all!

Dinner ...

Happy Christmas!

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  1. You are an elegant crowd and it was inspiring to see your party! One day those crowns will be real; well done for practicing wearing them with grace and style! Thank you for showing us what it is to truly celebrate CHRISTmas. We join the great cloud of witnesses, who celebrate all the time! Merry Christmas!


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