Saturday, December 25, 2010

"All Things New"

For unto us
a Child is born
unto us
a Son is given
and the government
shall be upon
His shoulders
And His name shall be called
the Mighty God
the Everlasting Father
the Prince of Peace


  1. Your tying together of the painting and the nativity figures is wonderful. Truly, in Jesus, God makes "all things new". Thank you, Karyn, for the reminder, and Cathryn for the painting.

  2. such hope...such beauty, such *strength* in those words.

    and He is here.

  3. I just noticed the light, looking like an angel, coming in from the window. The Tea house is truly a highly favoured, blessed place.

  4. Bronwyn, I agree with you that the TH is indeed a blessed place; I feel privileged that I'm along for the ride! Part of what makes it (and me) thus is the piano, on which the Nativity scene above finds its resting place ... the piano that you obtained for me and that has been, next to the Bible and my family, the single greatest source of comfort for me in my whole life.

    Thank you, Dahling.


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