Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Digital Story of the Nativity

Thanks to Bronwyn, who just sent me this link. Click on the play button below - the video is just under three minutes long ...

Times indeed change; but the message remains the same ...

(I particularly chuckled over the "Me and Gaspar bought ours here" at 2:18!) 


  1. That was very clever! I'm not a shop on-line guy, but if you can get gold bars for under $27 . . . !!

  2. Brilliantly funny. I can think of a number of friends who will also enjoy this ecarol.

    Particularly got a gentlemanly kick out of Mary’s message to Joseph: we have to talk. I’m going to be pregnant.

  3. where's the 'like' button here?


  4. Cleo, I’ve not laughed this much since you turned one of our conversations into poetry!


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