Thursday, December 30, 2010

Elves At The TH

One of my Christmas ornaments looks like this:

 But this year, it wasn't true! In addition to Jocelyn, Senior of the Junior Elves, the wands of Shay and Maya sparkled in the TH; and Jenna wove her spell in a few special events where she managed to fill glasses, help serve dinners and in general keep us all very entertained.


There was also Carol's granddaughter, who decorated the tree - the middle of the tree ...

At the other end of the Elf Herself spectrum was Brenda, BA, Doreen, Jackie - and Norma, who helped me out at every single event.

No wonder the TH seems to be a magical place!
We made it!


  1. Someone asked me, didn't your Dad help out?

    No, no, no, gentlemen - I had not forgotten about you! Dad and Don, you helped immeasurably in so many ways. I just didn't have the incriminating pictures ...

    Thank you both! I love you!

  2. As Santa, himself, has been heard to lament: "There are never enough Elves!"

  3. Those Elves look mighty happy! Gotta be something about that cute Santa, and the work they get to do in helping to bring kindness to the world! And yet ... it's not taken for granted, and with a full heart I must write, on behalf of all who benefit, Many thanks to the Tea House Elves - pictured or not. You make the world a MUCH better place, and it spreads beyond the TH walls to everyone! Thank you!


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