Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 8: All in the Family

I had been asked by Diana to cater a wedding rehearsal dinner this evening for about 30 people. Diana is Karla and Curt's aunt and Jackie's sister; so the three of them volunteered to come and help me this evening.

We served up a mixed berry salad; ribs with baked potato, corn and dinner rolls; and a choice between strawberry cheesecake and mango mousse. A cranberry punch was sipped from champagne flutes and candles twinkled in the dining room. A good time was had by all the guests.

But the best part to me was when all of those people left and Kurt and I went into action: clearing one part of the table and resetting it for the four of us, and then heating up some ribs and corn and putting out butter, sour cream and bacon bits.

As we ate we chatted about the day and the week. Once again I was struck by how close Jackie is to her children and how she loves her whole family unswervingly. And, once again, I am grateful for the day that Tina called me and told me to hire Brent.


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