Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 25: Welcome, Your Worship!

How he loves our town! He has been working quietly behind the scenes for years, doing whatever was in his power to do to improve the quality of life for its citizens:

The Mural Committee; Main Street flower planters; the big bikes at Cruise Night; Boss's Christmas Party; Seniors Outreach Bus; Fiesta Days; Midnight Madness; changing the signage at the Highway 21 entrance to Trois Lumps, even in inclement weather; concerts and cultural events; Kids Festival; actively promoting Three Hills as a desirable place to run a business; supporting local businesses; rallying the town to get behind Prairie and keep it in Three Hills.

Mayor-elect Tim Shearlaw
entering the hall
 And - best of all - the "That's Life" column in the local weekly paper, where we are challenged to think, forced to consider alternate perspectives, cajoled into supporting our town, reminded of what a privileged life we lead in Three Hills.

These are only some of the activites that Tim Shearlaw, our new mayor, has conceived or spearheaded or thrown his support behind in just the last few years that I've lived here.

He is not alone in his efforts: his wife, Theresa, is a long-time board member of the local Food Bank and is involved in many community activities.

I went to witness the swearing in of the new mayor and council yesterday evening at the town offices. I was unprepared for the surge of emotion I experienced when I saw the mayor-elect being escorted into the small council room by an RCMP officer in full red serge dress uniform. I blinked away a sudden mist in my eyes as he respectfully and with resolution took the Oath of Office:

I, Timothy James Shearlaw,
of the Town of Three Hills
in the Province of Alberta
do swear that I will diligently, faithfully
and to the best of my ability
execute according to law
the office of Mayor
so help me God

Mrs. Ron Shearlaw, Tim's mother:
"His father would have been so proud"

He stood listening attentively as each of his councillors was sworn in.

He called for a moment of prayer led by Pastor Sweis Ubels just before the ceremony concluded.

And as we filed out of the room, I couldn't help but think what a privilege it is to live in freedom in this country, this province, this town.

God, keep our land glorious and free.

Mayor and Mrs Timothy Shearlaw


  1. Again, congratulations Tim, and congratulations Three Hills. I cannot think that Three Hills could have a better mayor -- wonderful things are bound to follow. Rude though it might be to say so, I cannot think that the picture above commemorates the first time Tim has been escorted by an RCMP officer (he is a drummer after all) though probably the first time the officer was in red serge!

  2. A beautiful tribute, Karyn. I, too, am proud to have him as our mayor!

  3. I think it is great for a hometowner to take the reins and not look at the past but strive forward as we know he has great support behind him.


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