Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 16: Date Night at the TH

How often have I said - or at least thought - "What is the matter with young people these days? Why is it all about fun and no thought is spared for responsibility or discipline or working?"

For one day, I take it all back. This week I had no one to work the Saturday evening shift, and I happened to mention it to Steve, my little Anita's beau, at the local grocery store.

And it so happened that Anita was planning on coming to Three Hills for the weekend, and the two of them had planned on coming to the TH for a date on Saturday evening.

So what transpired is that these two amazing people came to the TH for their date; they just moved it from the dining room to the kitchen! Steve is a natural at decorating and garnishing desserts, and he peels potatoes (with a knife, no less!) quickly and without waste. Anita hasn't lost her touch at all from the days she was my evening shift person; on top of everything else, I saw what a good instructor she is too.

What a privilege it was to me to have them in the TH this evening. Here are two people who have known adversity and have worked and are continuing to work to rise above it.They are serious-minded but don't take themselves too seriously. They are not afraid of hard work. They look toward their futures and assess what it takes in their present lives to attain their goals.

Thanks, beautiful Anita and charming Steve! You are who people should look at when thinking about teenagers ...


  1. Cathryn - your comment fit the subject today! Synchronicity of spirit between these two - Steve and Anita - is what made their night a date, even in the kitchen. That kind of heart for service will last long beyond teenagehood and make every room they enter a place of shared wonder. I love this story!


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