Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Martha's Marathon

Martha, our dear Martha, at the age of 102 has almost completed her Olympic marathon. She has entered the stadium and is running the last lap.

Dad spent two two-hour sessions visiting with her in palliative care today. She has her family around her. Dad helped her plan her funeral months ago. She is ready to go, ready to cross the finish line, a champion in every way.

And in the stands are thousands of people cheering her on, from both sides of the course: those who have already run their race, and those who are still running, still labouring under the arduous conditions of the course. Everyone is cheering for Martha. The difference is that the ones still on earth - we who remain - are cheering with tears streaming down our faces at the thought of losing one of the last remaining heroes of the faith, of losing our friend. And those of you who have gone before are applauding with the biggest smiles on your faces. You know the calibre of the athlete making her final lap and can't wait to welcome her to the winners circle.

And so now, we hand our beloved Martha over to you, over to God.

Mum, your prayer pal is on her way ...

Dad and Martha having one of their little chats ...


  1. Love you Miss Martha. I am cheering for you.
    Please tell HIM and Her that I love them.
    The world is going to miss your love and your prayers.
    Thank you.

  2. Perhaps one of the saddest part about having older friends is having to say goodbye before we're ready. Such joy when we know we'll see them again in Heaven, but sadness for the sweet fellowship that we'll miss until our "marathon" is complete. Will be praying for you and her family. She sounds like she has a very sweet testimony and prayerfully the Lord can use her funeral to reach many more with the Gospel.


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