Friday, July 8, 2011

The 55th Anniversary Jam Session

Today is Don's and Norma's 55th anniversary. Fifty-five years ago at the Trochu Lutheran Church he said "I do" and she said "I do too" and that was that!

Tonight we had a little get-together at the TH with some of Don's band members and their dear friends to celebrate that day.

Golden Oldies with Shorty, Don and Jan ...
Shorty is 93 this year!

Between the four couples, we were celebrating 181 years of marriage!

36 years ...

45 years ...

Another 45-year couple!

Cutting the cake - chocolate
with fresh whipped cream and
ruby-red strawberries! 

So many wonderful old songs came to life under the affectionate ministrations of Don, Jan and Shorty. How much fun we in the audience had listening to such classics as Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain and Chantilly Lace and Tennessee Waltz! Then Don and Norma cut their cake and everyone reminisced about the decades past. Where had they gone?!

What I know is, Don and Norma were there for me when I arrived in Canada with no more clue of what I should do than would a kitten. They took me in and gave me a job and helped me plant my roots in what might as well have been a foreign country to me at that point. They are extremely kind, not just to me and my sisters but to so many people and I love them dearly and wish for them great happiness together in the days and years to come.

Happy Anniversary! I love you both, so very much. xo


  1. Happy Anniversary, Don and Norma! You celebrated 55 years just as you lived them: with music, love, laughter, friends and good food! Bless you for the joy and warmth you bring to the world. Congratulations!

  2. Dear Norma and Don,
    Happy Anniversary!
    You make great jam!
    Thank you for sweetening our bread.
    Thank you for squiring our song.
    Thank you for everything.
    You are BELOVED.


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