Monday, July 25, 2011

The Carrot Cake Story

I am asked more about my carrot cake than any other dessert at the TH - from where do I buy it?

And so, for your enjoyment, here is a little picture essay about the making of a carrot cake from start to finish:

Peeling the big bag of carrots

The shortcutter's friend: grating
the carrots in the Bosch


The first full Bosch canister of grated carrots

Ready to be measured

Three cups per bag;
two bags per cake

Now for the cake itself:
Start with good eggs ...

 Add the magical secret ingredients ...

Beaten and ready to go in the oven

Do NOT open the oven,
even if you can't stand the suspense ...

The baked cake, finished with
cream cheese icing

Cut and ready to serve.
If we get 12 pieces out of one cake,
and we use six cups of carrots per cake,
that's a full serving of carrots per piece ...
See, kids - it DOES pay to eat your vegetables!


  1. oh! i made carrot cake for dessert for our guests this evening. made me think of you...especially when i brought out my gramma's tea cups.


  2. I'm just weighing up the price of an air ticket from UK to the TH against the price of a slice of carrot cake.
    Your cake looks almost good enough to make it worth the price.....

  3. Love this post:). People are so used to finding out that things are store bought, but it's the homemade desserts that are the best! The Bosch would save a lot of time. My mom had an Amway shredder thing with different cups to do veggies, cheese, etc. I think the Bosch has replaced it:). We'll have to try the carrot cake when we come for tea. Do you have it available every weekend or just once in awhile?

  4. Your carrot cake is amazing, and I fancy myself a bit of a carrot cake connoisseur. We are still picking away at the "single" serving from Saturday's amazing lunch at the tea house. I notice you didn't mention how much oil was in it. Best not to know?

  5. Note the two forks! ... And the invisible but most dense ingredients ... delight and love ... shared between creator and consumer alike! ... And the "happily ever after" end of the story!

  6. The unnamed secret ingredient cannot be photographed & that would be LOVE.

  7. I think that is the secret ingredient in all the food at the TH!

  8. Home made carrot cake is the best dessert!! My "Silver Palate" carrot cake has cooked/pureed carrots, shhhh, that is my secret. Takes longer to prepare the carrots than to make the cake

  9. I have never been disappointed with any dessert at the TH from my favorite is Beethoven's dessert! ;)

  10. Kimberley, every time I let someone use your Gramma's cup in the TH I think of you (and I am VERY selective about who I let sip tea out of the beautiful green cup with the romantic story attached!); Miriam, PLEASE come on over! How many years has it been? Meleah, we have it pretty much every week, and if I know you're coming I'll make sure it's on the menu! Sharon, you owe me a visit; Aga, it doesn't pay to question magic too closely ... Sylvia, my brother will sometimes ask me or the staff with a twinkle in his eye, "Is this made with love?!" Mary, we need to have a blue coffee and a carrot cake discussion - soon!; Zoe's Mom - do you want to be my publicist?! and Bronwyn, this particular piece was going to a couple who have loved each other for a long, long time. Happily ever after indeed! xo

  11. Karyn- I actually dreamt about your carrot cake night before last. I NEED to come to Three Hills, more importantly the Tea House! It's invading event subconscious! Miss you.


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