Saturday, January 15, 2011

Deborah Joy's First Annual New Year's Day Progressive Indian Feast

In the face of continuous cold weather and snow, in the teeth of this physical malaise that doesn't want to leave me, I thought I would let you have a glimpse of how my wonderful New Year's day went!


Dad's breakfast!

Dad frying dosa
I arrived for breakfast punctually, Indian standard time, so about 10:15. The party was already in full swing: idlis, masala dosas, sambar, both coconut and peanut chutneys, and juice and coffee. Our big guys, Luke, Craig and Matt, had to leave right after breakfast for a paintball expedition birthday celebration with their friends. But it was wonderful to see them, albeit briefly, and to marvel at what capable, charming, intelligent, entertaining, sweet young men they have grown to be.  

Breakfast tali
The rest of us loitered about the kitchen island long after we couldn't eat another thing, absorbing the tantalizing smells that were beginning to waft from the stove as Deb started getting lunch ready.

Finally she shooed us away and we played the card game "Apples to Apples" - what a hoot! More people arrived. I managed to make myself useful by making chai.

Fortunately Bronwyn and Paul had brought appetizers - pakoras and samosas - so we managed to tide ourselves over with them until lunch ...

Bronwyn and Paul also brought two most appropriately dressed boys with them; so the aunties of course had to torture them by seizing on a photo op, which they endured stalwartly, graciously, resignedly, as they always do. Have I ever mentioned here how amazing those two are? It is a privilege to watch them grow and to come into their own as each year scurries by.

Lassis with lunch ...
 Then at about 1 o'clock we were once again gathered back at the island for the buffet: basmati rice, chicken curry, pork vindaloo, brinjal bartha, dal, parathas, chutneys and Dad's own raita. We had demanded when planning this day that BA concoct her drink specialty for lunch - sweet lassis, from her own secret recipe - and they were some of the best she has ever whipped up.
Kir ...

Cath brought Indian sweets for dessert - gulab jamun, jalebi, laddu - and with the chai they rounded out the best Indian buffet I have ever eaten.

We managed to make it to the living room where we collapsed into armchairs and sofas, chatting desultorily, dozing when necessary, just being together.
At tea time we enjoyed sev and kir - far better kir than you could ever hope to find in any restaurant in North America! Deb has been working on this recipe and to my mind she perfected it this New Year's day. It's the creamiest, most delicately flavoured rice pudding which after your first taste makes you wish you hadn't been eating all day so that you could really do justice to this confection. 
Deb's shirt -
not true!

Needless to say, there were not that many people clamouring for dinner; but for those who were still slightly peckish, Deb made dosas.

It was a wonderful day. Only 349 days until we can do it all again!

Thanks, Deborah Joy Ironside. I know how much effort and love you put into planning and creating each dish. By honouring us, you honour her. You are the glue that holds us all together and we love you up to the sky!

She would have relished every moment of this day ...


  1. It was a feast to remember - satisfying in EVERY way! Just reading about it brings all those flavours back -- with special thanks for the Pork Vinadaloo made with Paul in mind! Are you sure the invitation said "First Annual" and not "First Monthly" Feast?

  2. WOW You are blest! I'm glad your time together went so very well. I can only imagine how much you are looking forward to the next time. :)



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