Monday, January 10, 2011

"Baby, It's Cold Outside"

What a weekend! Snow spattering up against the TH doors and windows ... drifts settling down for a few minutes, only to be whirled to their next destination ... the wind howling and the sun - except for about 30 minutes - being strangely absent.

And lots of stir-crazy people in the TH, where it was warm and fragrant and the fire danced in the grate and the music was mellow. An ideal setting for sipping from china cups and exchanging confidences with a trusted friend. 

So many of the people who came in this weekend told me how much they love this place. Thank you; thank you for getting it. I love it too.

From the purple chairs, looking out

From the outside, looking in

Detail of the winter scene
on the mantelpiece

Snow globes on the bookcase


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  1. We were thankful to be some of your guests on that cold and stir-crazy inspiring weekend. I love coming to the TH, especially because Aneliese is so at home and so assured of her welcome. Thank you!


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