Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thirty-nine Elephants Arrive at the TH

Yesterday Lyn - one of the TH's favourite out-of-towners - came back from a month's travel in the exotic eastern hemisphere with her Dad, Dave.

And she came bearing gifts: every place they visited, she found me an elephant! Coasters, miniature candles, elephant-dung notepaper (whom will I write to on that, I wonder?!), a wooden box, a plate inlaid with mother-of-pearl, a keychain, a package of cards, carved and handpainted ornaments, a snow globe ("No, a glitter globe, Karyn - there's no snow over there!" she chuckled), a regal blue and gold silk tablecloth, and a card she picked out and wrote to me - all of them wrapped and tucked into a beautiful green and black handbag festooned with beads and bells.

Each gift has its own story, of course; but two I will single out are the bag, made in Bali, and the plate, made in Vietnam by handicapped and disabled people. They are lovely pieces in their own right ... but knowing their origins makes them particularly valuable to me.

Just like Lyn. Who would imagine such a thoughtful, fitting gift? Well - Lyn would. She is full of love: for her Dad, her family, her friends, her world. And the thing about Lyn is, her love is offered in tangible ways. Today I am the recipient to be so honoured. I am overwhelmed and touched and grateful. And all of us at the TH are enriched by the beauty.

Such a treasure trove! All of the elephants are welcome to make their home here -- but the biggest welcome home goes to Lyn and Dave: we missed you!

Singapore, Thailand, Bali, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia!

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  1. That's a heffalump lot of elephants to carry in a pack back home. . . so very sweet of Lyn!


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