Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Shady Side of the Kitchen

It was a sultry and action-packed Saturday from start to finish. We all worked hard and I had to keep reminding my gang of 15-year-olds to have a drink in the hot kitchen ...

Curt, Josie and Emily, as well as the oldie, Anita at 17, worked steadily and with a maturity belying their years. They were selfless, cheerful, diligent, uncomplaining -- but I sensed a certain hunger in their sideways glances, in the set of their shoulders. Josie left her shift and I realized that they were all in the same boat: we had blown through our TH food supply thanks to a busy day, and we were all starting to fade at 3:30. And food for dinner wouldn't be ready until 5:00 p.m.

So I called Josie up and told her to get back to the TH by 4:30 (her parents were away for the afternoon); and I commissioned Anita to be my accomplice and Curt to keep a watchful eye out for any trouble.

Then I placed the call. A few murmured sentences ... a time ... a price ... and I hung up the phone and carried on with the iced lattes and fresh berry pies that were dominating the room.

Anita slipped out at 4:25. Curt took his look-out position at 4:28. At 4:30 precisely, Josie walked in. And at 4:34, Anita drove back up, carrying the goods.

They were smuggled in the back door and unobtrusively stacked. Everyone was instructed to take what they needed.

Two people on the periphery of the TH gang showed up. They could see immediately that something nefarious was going down, so they had to be bribed with a portion of the haul.

After it was all over, everyone had renewed energy and enthusiasm for the last hours of the shift.

Sometimes a dame's gotta do what a dame's gotta do.


  1. haha!! i love how you support everyone in that town... including the distant competition! There's enough room for us all in the world, really. . . :)

  2. There ain't nothing like a dame!


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