Thursday, August 12, 2010


The poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, who penned these words,

'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all

never met my August. August is a month I approach with a certain amount of reserve, a certain trepidation each year: So much has been given to me in August that was later taken away; so much has been taken from me in August that was given to me in other months.

So it was with a distinct sense of relief that I accepted the offer from Deborah Joy and Sonnie to go with them to New Orleans, Louisiana, for a couple of days, just to get away. And what a wonderful three days it has been! Pictures and remembrances to follow, but as I get ready to fly back to Calgary this afternoon, I take with me the thought that coming to New Orleans for just three days is like being flirted with, the lightest intimation of a kiss behind my left ear, bewitching me and leaving me wanting to linger longer ...

After these days, NOLA to me stands for

Need - I desperately needed a break from the strivings within and without
Opportunity - Debs and Sone made it possible for me to get away
Laughter - on the streets, in the hotel rooms, in restaurants and on road trips
Affection - so much extended to me on this trip!

Yes, NOLA has ensnared me once more and I will come back to visit her again soon ...

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  1. Three days is entirely too short to take in all of NOLA and the surrounding areas.


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