Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 24: Happy Birthday, Hez!

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of the most efficient workers we have ever known at Nilgiris. Heather can turn a disaster kitchen around before you can say, "Bissell: Life's messy. Clean it up!"

She also has an artist's eye when it comes to decorating desserts and garnishing dishes ... or planning a wedding ...

Matt and Heather's wedding this summer was one of the most lovely nuptials I have attended. It goes without saying that the bride was exquisite and the groom dapper; that the weather was perfect; that the wedding party performed their roles nobly; that the reception was fun, with the MCs keeping things charming, poignant and entertaining.

But the true beauty in this wedding was the spirit that pervaded every aspect of it. From the moment that Heather walked down the aisle and Matt stood there transfixed, we who were privileged to be the witness part as they came together "before God and these witnesses", witnessed an incredibly meaningful, spiritual ceremony reflective of this young couple's beliefs, values and personalities. Douglas Lewis gave the most thoughtful, tender, practical homily on marriage I have ever heard -- one that I feel should be published and mandatory reading for any two people, no matter what age, who are thinking of joining their lives together.

When finally the minister pronounced them husband and wife and gave Matt permission to kiss his bride, the way Matt lovingly cradled Heather's face in his hands before he did just that somehow captured in that one gesture all the solemnity and joyousness and love and romance of the occasion.

It is such a privilege for me to be given the opportunity to see "my" kids grow from awkward, unsure teenagers with big dreams and high hopes into young adults who are beginning to realize some of these dreams and hopes.

So happy birthday, dear Heather - your first as a married woman!

Wedding photograph by Sarah Ortega

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