Friday, October 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 22: Comfort food

I spent a little time with Theresa today. We painted pumpkins. Then we strolled to Farm restaurant and shared the creamy mac and cheese and the crisp BLT salad and the decadent chocolate chip cookies and traditional Earl Grey tea.

If I were to design the perfect comfort meal, this would be it. We perched up at the counter and watched as the chef tasted sauce (double dipping, for anyone who keeps track! But it did look and smell awfully good -- who knows? we might have done the same thing!). We chatted about our lives and the lives of people we love. We, both of us, started to breathe a little bit more deeply and slowly; and when the food arrived we allowed the flavours to reverberate in our mouths, teasing and ultimately satisfyling our palates, instead of gulping down our food as both of us are prone to do.

"Look after each other," Theresa's dad admonished me before he and her mom headed away for the winter. So both of us, with parents far away, did just that on this Thursday evening out of time.

And her dad was right. Both of us were comforted and sustained and entertained and fed and rejuvenated.

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