Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Tea House Sweetheart

She is one of our most loyal customers and one of our dearest friends. She is a senior woman who is a warrior, physically, mentally, spiritually. She has been there for me so many times in the past nine years. I love her as though she were a member of my own family.

She endures pain every moment of her life. But there was only one occurrence in all this time that I caught a glimpse of just what a vicious companion she lives with. Normally she musters up a smile on even the worst days and offers a word of encouragement and wisdom. That afternoon her face was almost frozen, with tears rolling down her cheeks.

This evening she sustained a freak fall that resulted in my seeing that dreadful expression again. She was rushed off in the ambulance to a major centre nearby where the hospital can offer her a better chance of treatment; our local hospital assessed her and ambulanced her on.

I can't give you more details at this time. But RtLers, please, please pray for my beautiful friend wherever you are in the world. Pray that she will experience in a very real way "the everlasting arms" cushioning her, giving her the reprieve of sleep in these frighteningly dark hours before dawn..


  1. Praying for her comfort and rest during this time...

  2. Mom is doing well. More tests to come but things are looking good. Cracked skull but no internal swelling or bleeding. Prayers continue to be appreciated.
    Neurologist and CT scan today, and then probably transport back to Three Hills

  3. May the arms that lift the gentle warrior be feather-soft these days; may she be lifted on eagle wings to wondrous heights beyond imagination, and may she find rest, healing and hope. Praying for her.


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