Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Three Hills!

This is the one hundredth anniversary of our little town. The celebrations started this Friday afternoon; what struck me today, however, was the festival of light that was playing out:

Act I:
Driving home ...

Sunset pictures courtesy of BA

Tonight, just before 10:30, BA stopped by the TH where I was preparing for Saturday. "Come watch the fireworks!" she urged. I'll bring you back immediately. I've discovered a great spot where we can see them ..."

Sure enough, she had. And almost immediately, the lights began to transform the sky. My little camera can't tackle the nuances of fireworks, but what it did pick up will give you some idea of the colours and the shapes and the sheer wonder that fireworks bring.


I wanted to cheer into the darkness. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and identification.This was our town town!

IMMEDIATELY after the last firework drifted into smoky oblivion, God must have chuckled and said, "Now watch this!" And the entire sky was lit up, again and again, with silver flashes and darts, causing the air to shudder with the beauty of it all.


The lightning must have ripped open the part of the sky directly over Three Hills, because the light show was replaced by pounding rain and merciless gusts of wind:

Then, as quickly as it started, it was over. In a matter of minutes the streets were almost completely dry; the flower baskets shook themselves off, very little the worse for wear.

I walked outside to make sure everything was where it should be. And oh, the indescribable scent of the middle of the night after rain! 

I breathed deeply of its unmatched perfume, allowing myself to let the cares of the day dissipate into the clean, crisp, sweet air.

And as I headed back into the TH, I found I had been renewed and reenergized.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds ...


  1. good post... loved the pics. thanks.

  2. All over the world and all over heaven there are
    glowing, blazing celebrations because of the impact Three Hills has had, and continues to have, even through you! Thanks for sharing the great photos and story. Scent is the final sense, and I'm glad it was your midnight gift! I love you!


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