Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Birthday

Some of the most beautiful moments of my summer this year were spent with one of the most beautiful people in my life.

She led me to her back garden and offered me a cup of magical tea. Then she quickly assembled the simple, delicious lunch she had prepared and we sat in the shade, eating off bird of paradise china plates and catching up on the last few months and watching her suddenly grown-up second son jump and whirl on the trampoline.

If anyone should have a summer birthday, it's Mary. Her demeanour is warm, accepting, even. She is one of the smartest women I know. She bikes, jogs, swims, canoes. She loves her family and is loyal to her friends. She overcomes adversity but doesn't dwell on it. She is so musical. And she's beautiful, with the kind of face that welcomes you to glimpses into her life and her journey, that reassures you of tranquility and wonder within arm's reach. She leaves a small footprint but a large impression in her wake. She is gentle with people's hearts.

And so today I say happy birthday, Mary. Thanks for the summer moments you bring into my life.  I adore you.


  1. Happy birthday, Mary! Grace is radiant in you.

  2. You are my inspiration Karyn for the charmed life. I adore you!


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