Thursday, August 25, 2011

Look Who Came To Dinner!

Mr and Mrs Enoch. On the counter sits
the beautiful fruit basket they brought!

Mr and Mrs Enoch, relatives of our friends the Chellis and in India at the same time Dad, Deb and I were this March, are visiting in Calgary and drove out to Drumheller today. On the way back they stopped at Nilgiris and we had dinner!

The newest member of the
Teacup Club. A budding pianist,
she loved Angela Hewitt
playing on the sound system.

New friends - it turns out
 they live in Calgary!

Old friends ...

Come on Chellis and families, far and near - what are you waiting for? At times like this the circle doesn't seem complete without you ...

And to all my other friends from India: the tea kettle is simmering and there's always some food in the kitchen and a warm welcome awaiting you at Nilgiris!


  1. Hello, Rusma - thanks for reading!

  2. What a treat. My guess is that it will be a long time before the newest member of your Teacup Cup stops being excited about Auntie Karyn's Teahouse

  3. Ah! you are so sweet! Calgary looks so beautiful and pleasant. I do want to visit Calgary sometime. Sarah


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