Sunday, May 29, 2011

"The Spot"

All the tables in the TH have names. There's The Island (because no man is); The Hug (because you feel embraced by the chairs); The Looking Glass (the table next to the largest window) - you get the idea.

And so on Friday when I saw the two tiny wicker chairs - with elephants on them, no less! - I knew exactly where they could go ...

...under the counter, tucked in behind the comforting back of the chair at Limbo Table (don't ask)! I found my old picture of the kids' tea party and our little nook was created.

The next morning, when my Maya came to fill the sugar bowls and Splenda wheelbarrows, I asked her and her dad if they had any ideas about a name. In just a couple of moments Scott said, "The Spot."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because, like the kids who will sit here, it's small but very significant. Plus it'll soon be the spot to be!"

Scott's words were almost prophetic: I have never had that many kids come in to the TH in one morning - and they all loved The Spot! What a wonderful day it was ...

My beautiful Aneliese, the child I had in my mind's eye when I saw these chairs, was the first child to walk in and sit at The Spot. It turns out that this would also be her last visit to "Miss Karyn's". We will miss you so much, honey -
please come back to visit! xo

Hayden's and Mateya's dad, Aaron, helped
build the TH. How nice to have them
at The Spot this morning!

Aneliese, Mateya and Hayden checking
out the view from the verandah ...

Sammi and Sela with
their own special friends ...

Now THIS is exactly what I always
envisioned for the TH ...

Mona and the TH's own helper, Maya
- Scott's girls! -
closed out the day at The Spot

Shot of the day: Real men DO drink tea!
Isaac with the pirate tea pot, the cat tea cup
and the antique caboose


  1. The TH keeps getting better and better!

  2. OK, I have to admit, "The Spot" is adorable and looks like it was always meant to be there! Great addition.

  3. Fabulous spot..Evie and I really need to come check it out.

  4. And the great thing is that the little ones think they might not be spotted under there! How does the TH manage to make so many dreams come true?!

  5. It's a great "Spot"!!


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