Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

The first call from Margaret came way back in November. "My son's getting married. Would you consider catering the wedding rehearsal dinner? He was a groomsman at Matt's wedding and he LOVED the food you made for that!"

And so, MANY phone calls, a few emails and two in-person visits later, we arrived at today.

I've posted pictures of the behind-the scenes kitchen work before; here is the dining room being transformed.

Elizabeth and Margaret in for a quick
touch-down this morning ...

"Before ..."

Dad setting up chairs - he'd
already done the tables!

Dad cutting the menu cards

Last-minute table check ...

... and it's ready! This is where the
bride and groom would be seated.

The sweet little menu cards,
tucked into each person's napkin

Margaret's place setting

Dan the Renaissance man is for this
occasion assuming his "Celtic fiddler" guise

All the best for a very happy life together,
James and Pamela!


  1. If the depth of love that went into the night before their wedding translates into a bedrock for their marriage, these two are in for a joyous adventure! Congratulations on contributing a lovely start to this couple's new life. Beautiful!

  2. We saw all the cars in front of the tea house, I asked Ruth-Anne, "is Karyn open on Fridays now?" No she said you usually do your Costco shopping on Fridays, I said, "yeah, she works 7 days a week as it is and makes us all look SO bad...she can't be open on Friday nights now too!!" Sheesh I guess you were!!!



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