Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sixty Years

They are not as spry as they would like; they get tired more easily and can't drive for long distances. But in the Tuesday morning meeting at the Manor, Wes and Leona told us that today is their 60th wedding anniversary.

"I told [my pastor] that I was going to be married," Wes recounted. "He asked me who the young lady was. I said, 'Leona Hickock.' He told me, 'You have a pearl there.'"

Wes paused, looked at Leona, touched her hand and added, "She's still a pearl."

And in our prayer time, these were some of Wes's words, which are a far greater tribute than any poor sentiment I could write about this wonderful couple who love God and love each other so palpably, it's sometimes painful:

Father, I want to thank You for my wife -
these 60 years have gone by quickly
Thank You for the opportunities You've given us -
sorry for the ones we missed ...
There's been some ups and some downs
We thank You, Lord, that
You just met us in them
And we thank You for the day
that You'll meet us
in glory.

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  1. There is a pearl of great price, and this kind of love is real evidence of what it looks like! Happy 60th Anniversary!


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