Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 31: "The Witch Is In"

What a month it's been! This is the second "Thanksgiving Month" I've been given to observe and rejoice in and as I check my balance sheets on October 31st I see how truly rich I am.

No, my bank account's the same; it's not that. But I am rich in friends and experiences and laughter and comfort.

I have seen how people can pull together for strangers: I've had offers from people I don't know (as well as those I do!) to help me with my grocery shopping; people have committed their old beautiful dresses - and even one wedding dress! - to Destiny Dresses, for me to take when I head up to Athabasca in the new year; my teahouse is clean and my staff is, for the most part, happy ... 

My family has rallied round me, loving me in practical ways and just listening to me when all I needed was someone to listen. My close friends, too ...

I am starting to feel like part of a community and starting to feel hope for the future of our little Trois Lumps ...

I have been blessed beyond belief by the teaching of my Dad, as well as that of pastors Tim and Dave ...

And I am particularly thankful to Cathryn, who took me up on my challenge at the beginning of the month and noted down something she was thankful for each day. Her succinct word or two was so often in keeping with what I was writing, and yet she came independently to what she was thankful for.

For the last two mornings I awoke with this song on my mind. It's one we used to sing at Hebron, going up a key with each verse until we were squeaking the last lines!

I leave it with you, and with some of the pictures of the TH this evening.

THANK YOU to each one of you for joining me on this blog-fest!

Thank You For Every New Good Morning

Thank you for every new good morning
Thank you for every fresh new day
Thank you that I may cast my burden
wholly onto You

Thank you for every friend I have, Lord
Thank you for every one I know
Thank you that I can feel forgiveness
to my greatest foe

Thank you for leisure and employment
Thank you for ev’ry heart-felt joy
Thank you for all that makes me happy
and for melody

Thank you for every shade and sorrow;
Thank you for comfort in your word.
Thank you that I am guided by you
everywhere I go

 Thank you for grace to know your gospel
Thank you for all your spirit’s power
Thank you for your unfailing love
which reaches far and near

Thank you for free and full salvation
Thank you for grace to hold it fast
Thank you, O Lord, I want to thank you,
that I’m free to thank.


  1. I would have thought it more appropriate if you had dressed up as an angel, Karyn dear! Ok - maybe not an angel ;) - you have a little too much mischief for that. At least NOT a which!
    How would you dress up like a good friend - or a listening ear - or a community heart???


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