Monday, July 5, 2010

There's a New Kid in Town ...

When Brent gave his "official" notice (don't worry - he'll be back; he's part of the family!), his younger brother, Curt came to me: "I'll be your senior person now, won't I, Karyn? I'm really nervous ..."

This is the abridged story of our Curt. From earlier posts you know that he started here when he was 14 years old, same as Brent. I do believe he was shorter than I! And - as younger brothers tend often to be - he was in Brent's shadow, literally. He kept close to him in the TH and looked to him for guidance and direction. Brent, being Brent, rose to the occasion and with great patience and wisdom and humour encouraged Curt, pushing him back on track when he needed it. And then he gently started detaching the apron strings bit by bit.

Until we arrived at yesterday. Curt is now 15 1/2 and counting down the days till he can get his driver's licence. He came in at 2:55 p.m. ready to work. He seemed to be everywhere: dishes, drinks, clearing tables, garnishing desserts. I hadn't found the time to make a peanut butter pie yet and asked Curt if he had made one before. "I haven't made any pie before, but I can try," he replied earnestly.

And what a pie it was! Not only did it come out light and creamy and fluffy but it was marketed with a zeal and determination I have never witnessed at the TH before: as a table of eight people celebrating a 50th birthday was about to order dessert, Curt said to me, "No one has had my PNB pie; you need to tell those people that I made it."

So I dutifully went out and informed the table (almost all who knew Curt through their kids) that Curt had made the PNB pie this evening - his first pie! And immediately the birthday girl said she would definitely have a piece. Two more followed suit in short order.

Curt carried the pie, complete with birthday candle, out to the table ("But do I have to sing, Karyn?!") and led the chorus. He served each of the PNB pie slices with great gusto. When everyone was served he told them: "This is my first pie," to a round of applause.

And this is the most charming thing about Curt - his sense of dry humour. After they had eaten the pie and raved about it to Curt, he responded, deadpan, "This is the best pie I've ever made!"

That entire pie sold in a few minutes. Curt, grinning happily, said to me in mock irritation, "I had really wanted a piece, you know ..."

Curt, you'll be just fine here as my senior person!


  1. Nice work Curt. Now you'll be making pies all the time -- demand/supply, you know. I don't understand the photograph: the three of you should have been standing on the same step!

  2. Way to go Curty,(As I affectionately refer to Curt in our house, the Devine house), if the pie was any thing like you ,then I'm sure it was great!! The three Benavites kids are real gems! Let me know when you make another pie!


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