Tuesday, July 27, 2010

After the Rain ...

... the sun did shine and the flowers burst forth at the TH.

I cut my first posy of sweet peas this morning; I wish there was a way I could capture their scent - so accessible, so ephemeral.

Just like this shimmering, beautiful day. There is so much to do; and yet ... we're not given many days like this one. I will make a little time to sit on my verandah and breathe the summer air and swat desultorily at the mosquitoes. To take some time to ponder (and try not to dwell on whether 'ponder' is an intransitive verb or not!).

To breathe in deeply the magic of this unexpected gift.

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  1. my dear friend - i miss you so much too!!! i miss my sunday ritual of calling up to see if *my* table is open, to hear "*my* kimberley" and the few moments of sitting in the quiet and beauty of the tea house. and getting a sweet hug from you.

    i'm glad there is sun for you today, that the beauty of flowers is surrounding you and that you use big words like, "desultorily".

    you are such a blessing to me.


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