Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nurse Jackie

She is the daughter of one of my mother's best friends.

She is the wife of a man of enormous intelligence, compassion, dignity and integrity.

She is the mother of three of the greatest kids I have ever known.

She's a nurse.

She's a sports mom.

She's a confidante.

She's an amazing dancer!

She's resourceful, intelligent, brave, vulnerable, smart, funny, practical, whimsical, thoughtful, adventurous, home-loving.

And she's a wonderful friend. She weeps with me and she rejoices with me. She comforts and counsels. She shares - her time, her kids, her wisdom, her joys and sorrows. She has a wicked sense of humour. Her patience is indefatigable. Her loyalty to those she loves is true blue.

Ahhh, this bittersweet day, your first birthday without your beautiful Mom there to wish you herself.

I am sure that if she could she would tell you that her wishes for you  - her firstborn - from the day you were born are coming true: that you would be a loving, caring, intelligent, diligent, godly woman and that you would raise a family who would walk in your - and therefore her - footsteps.

Happy birthday, dear Jacqueline!

(Three down, two to go - you know who you are!)

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  1. I will more than second that! Jackie is a beautiful, amazing person and one I admire and love.


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