Sunday, November 3, 2013

So This is What the Mayor and his Wife Do in their Spare Time ...

What a dreadful snowfall: heavy, thick, slushy, settling in gleefully for an early winter.

Dad was due to preach in Hanna today; but when he spoke on the telephone with the service leader at 8:30 this morning, the man told him not to come: the roads were impassable and it would be too dangerous.

I faced the TH's crazy parking lot with nothing but a shovel and desperation this afternoon. After working on it for over an hour and a half, I was half done. But my shoulders and my calves told me that, actually, they were done. Plus the rice pudding for my friend Barb's lunch was trying in vain to cook without my encouragement the longer I was outside.

Still, it was a beautiful day.

Still, I was in despair at how much left there was to do.

Finally, at about 2:45, with half left to go, I simply asked God if someone - ANY one - in the trucks and cars passing my way would take pity on me and give me a hand.

Literally, no sooner than the words were out of my mouth than Terry pulled up, rolled down her truck window and said something to me. I couldn't hear a word above the snow blower that the neighbour across the road - who had been keeping an eye on me shoveling the hefty gobs of snow since I started - was running on his tiny driveway and stretch of sidewalk. So Terry pulled over, got out of her truck, and said, "Tim is on his way with our snow blower to do Mom and Dad's driveway. Let him finish yours for you. Here: give me your shovel and I'll take a turn at this for you."

Seriously? Tim was less than half a block away! Before I had finished my little cry / rant to God, His answer was walking toward me, and the herald of the message was already taking the shovel out of my hand! The words from the prophet Isaiah, "Before you call, I will answer,"  hit me right on the forehead. There was nothing else for me to do out there. I went inside and took an Advil, and then got cracking on my rice pudding.

Between the two of them, they got rid of the snow and ice before the TH doors opened at 3:00. All that remained for me was to throw some of those blue salt crystal things on the ground and hope that no one slipped ... 

Thank you, Your Worship. And thank you, Terry, who ably supports him in everything he does! It is no wonder that under his leadership the entire Three Hills Mayor and Council were acclaimed at this past election time. I have never met anyone more community minded than Tim Shearlaw. 

And thank You, God, for caring about the little things.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful! So glad you were heard; it's an enormous driveway! I hope it doesn't snow again before Wednesday!

  2. Maybe we're in for a short winter. 3H does have the best Mayor: better keep an eye on him -- TO may show up talking trade!


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