Friday, April 12, 2013

Ten Years Ago Today ...

... we were basking in the well wishers of friends old and new who gathered at the about-to-be-opened Nilgiris Tea House for a little tea party.

 So it struck me as particularly fitting that ten years later to the day we celebrated our friend Gaylene's milestone birthday with a little tea party.

But what a difference a decade makes! In 2003 we were exuberant, nervous, excited, hopeful, full of anticipation for what the next day would bring. 

We didn't have a clue what we were doing, what we were in for.

As we opened the doors for today's tea party we certainly had a clue. Ten years perforce provides a lot of opportunity for learning - and our learning curve was steep! - and many windows of grace when the lessons seemed almost too difficult to see through to the end.

We might not be as exuberant or as nervous as we were back then; but we're still excited and hopeful, and full of anticipation for what God might bring to us next.

Thank you all of you who were with us that day ten years ago. Thank you for your enormous patience with us as we found our feet. Many of you have become trusted friends and we are so grateful to you for your love and support.

Thank you Gaylene and Debbie for the opportunity to celebrate with you today.

And thank you, God, for the gift of our little TH.


  1. Dear Tea Bag,

    Filled with leaves
    flowers and spices rare
    your fullness of
    fresh or dry
    open set loose
    fills the air

    Chosen scooped
    scalded steeped
    beauty released
    the sweetest
    gold from leaves
    poured to share

    Arises scent
    through open spout
    lifted up carried out
    to cups and lips
    plain and fair
    sipped enjoyed
    without airs

    Your goodness
    warms weary bodies
    your presence
    soothes tired minds
    your caring
    mends broken spirits
    your mercy
    is unflinching and kind

    You love
    a good story
    a good laugh
    a good cry
    and are quick to celebrate
    and commemorate occasions
    and joyous times

    Bless you for being
    Beloved Tea Bag
    however young you be
    your lifeline is eternal
    your flavours light and deep
    your heartbeat strong and tender
    your legacy rich and sweet

    Bless you for being
    Beloved Tea Bag
    however old you be
    may you too sip back relax
    and enjoy the treasure you are
    you so readily share
    and will forever carry

    Happy Tenth Anniversary!

  2. I remember coming with Mom & Dad. So much has happened since then so many memories! And I still love coming every chance I get. Hopefully I will be able to get back soon!

  3. Happy 10th Anniversary! Congratulations and thanks for so much grace and love at every turn - as well as amazing food and service!

  4. Happy Anniversary! What an impact you have made on this town!! Many people have made great memories there, and each one has been treated like they are special!! Love ya

  5. Happy 10th Anniversary Karyn! Through the twisty turns of life you keep your Vision and faith. I wish you much peace and love

  6. Happy Anniversary. What a place of warmth, care and delicious food the tea house is!!!

  7. Blessed Anniversary! Our God continue to use you and your place for His glory

  8. Missing you (and your amazing carrot cake!). Congratulations on your first decade!

  9. Ten years and thousands of wonderful memories for so many people. Thank you for blessing so many, Karyn!

  10. 10th Anniversary of an epic life adventure. Miracles have abounded through the many trial, errors and triumphs. This is truly a celebration of a grace filled decade. Congratulations and blessings!

  11. Congratulations on the 10th anniversary! I only wish that we lived a bit closer so that we could visit with you and enjoy your wonderful tea house more often:). Hoping to see you sometime this year. Perhaps on our 10th Anniversary this August...

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