Sunday, September 30, 2012

Of Tea Cups and Hearts

You've heard me say it before when someone's broken a tea cup: "It's just a tea cup - it's not a heart ..."

Yesterday, it was a heart. It was your heart, broken for the very first time. And all I could do for you today was hug you as you cried and murmur, I'm so very sorry ...

And I didn't say it at the time, but I promise you, I promise you, things will get better. You are a strong, smart, savvy young woman. You have a sweet attitude and a heart that looks for ways to serve God and His people, especially kids. A heart like that is a treasure - to God, to us at the TH who get to work alongside of you, and to the kids to whom you give your time.

I'm not one of those people who feels that the first time your heart gets broken is the worst time and that if it happens again it will be easier. It won't necessarily be easier. There is no pain quite like that of a heart that's been trampled on and torn apart.

You will survive this and you will learn from this - because that's what you do, I've noticed - and you will go on to even more joy in your life than you have lost right now.

But how I wish it had been just a tea cup ... 

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  1. Hi people's just sayin I'm pullin through it's still hard considering I see him at school everyday but things r doin well. We r just friends thanx for the support and prayer!!


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