Friday, December 16, 2011

Joy to the TH!

There are some parties I just love every year. Here's a peek into our Wednesday evening Bible study Christmas party.

These people are closer than friends; we have become family.
Char, with a beautiful
gingerbread house for the TH.
How we missed Brian!

Charles and Rose - enjoying each other's
company, as usual ...

The turkey buffet line

Ben and Renate - wonderful additions
to our Wednesday study time!

Leona and George, who've been in the group
since the beginning
Our very tender-hearted Lynda ...

Remember dear Betty? Here she is, flanked
by her great friend Joyce and newcomer Alice

Bob and Dianna: their quiet impact on
the group is immeasurable
The newlyweds ... 

Ralph's daughter Jackie and her husband, Oswaldo

Dad, Ted and Oswaldo

Brenda helping at the dessert table ...

... and BA and Doreen, who hid out in the
corner when we realized I had set
two too few places!

No picture of Sherlotte and Marge, unfortunately, as they had to leave early. It was wonderful to have Sherlotte with us again, the wheelchair and oxygen tank no match for her indomitable spirit.

We sang some carols before and after the meal. And Dad created a "review" ("not a test!" he assured us) for us to tackle between the main course and dessert - food for the mind and soul as well as the body ...

Special thanks this year to Brenda, Dianna and Doreen for all the help. As a matter of fact, when I had to leave for an unexpected appointment, those three capable women took over; upon my return I found the tables set, vegetables peeled and boiling on the stove, dressing made and the turkeys almost ready to be carved!

Each one of you is so precious. Thank you for bringing such love and joy to the TH every single Wednesday. Thanks, Dad, for all the many hours you spend in preparation for each week's lesson - and for all the notes that give us the opportunity to study and grow.

Happy Christmas - see you next year!


  1. Thank YOU Karyn for all you do for me and others! It is great to be part of this family.

  2. Thank YOU Karyn for all you do for me and others! It is great to be part of this family.

  3. This group is changing the world! Faithful community, steady teaching, enduring enjoyment and everlasting life spring from this place - and spill over to water the rest of us. Thanks, Dad, for leading, Karyn for hosting, and everyone for being there for us all! Merry Christmas.

  4. I miss Mum in the pictures, but know that her spirit, contagiously free, then and now, shines out, giving courage and strength to many.

  5. Karyn, what a lovely post. You are such a kind, giving and caring person. No wonder these people love you. And I do too . . . you are a very special and important part of my life. I thank God for the talents and abilities He has given you.

    Maybe this is out of place here but thanks again for the amazing visit we had recently. I felt like I was walking on air when I left that place of love and encouragement.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Please greet your father for me and the rest of your family too.

    Know you are loved.


  6. Special thanks to Dr. Ironside for his gracious, in-depth Bible teaching—each class is an inspiration!


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