Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Other Streets of the French Quarter

This incessant damp and cold as summer sidles - embarrassed, undecided - out of Alberta this year forces the contrast of just a month ago where the streets in the French Quarter were wet but warm and spilling over with a fighting attitude. Although the skies were grey, the colours were vibrant. Katrina and BP are not being allowed to defeat this brave, resolute city.

Was it really only a month ago that we were there? Here are some views of and from the streets close to Bourbon Street, and mostly by day:














I think I'm almost ready to go back ... 


  1. Is the man on the street curb wearing body armour or is he “Mr. Music Man”?

  2. Only wish had the time and money to go there

  3. if you go, take me with you!!!! love the beauty in the sweet faces...

  4. before i pushed "send" for the comment above, the "word" in the word verification box said "bills" - i think blogger is trying to tell me where my priorities need to be...but still - if you go, take me!!!!


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