Friday, March 5, 2010

The Roads of Kerala

Driving on the main streets and back roads is taking one's life into one's hands. First of all, the crazier the traffic, the bolder you must be to plough into the onslaught ... Even if it means you are driving on the wrong side of the street against oncoming traffic, if you decide you need to check your tire for a puncture, that's what you do. And when you find everything's okay, you merely plunge your car back into the traffic on the wrong side of the road and nonchalantly start sidling back across the street until you are on the left hand side again and once again in the flow. "By the grace of God," as Suresh put it, "no accidents yet." Even those of you who don't necessarily believe in the grace of God would have to say a fervent "Amen" to that!


                                          Through the windshield

Loaded autorickshaw

Driver's ed: learning to do a U-turn in the midst of traffic coming at you both ways can only be beneficial to you down the road, right?!

                                                      Cruising around the corner of a shopping centre

Festival lights at 90 km / hour ...

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