Sunday, February 7, 2010

Myrna ...

As I saw you walk into the TH this afternoon, my whole day grew brighter. Your coming to visit us today, on your birthday, was a gift to me. That your Gabby brought you was the ribbon on the package! How she loves her grandma!

This birthday would have been difficult for you, my darling friend; but you are an example of a person who does not mourn as someone who has no hope. You KNOW where your girl is and you know you will see her some day. And in the mean time, you will smile and hug your other girls tighter and hold them a little closer to your heart.

I think this every single time I think of you, but on your birthday it's a good time to say it: for everyone who has the privilege of knowing you, the world is a brighter, less cruel, more loving place for having you in it.

Much love, on February 6 and always.

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